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Expressive and Colorful to Sensual Art

Omar Guio is a contemporary artist who mixes abstract and fauvism styles to bring his own message . With strong colors and painterly qualities he creates imaginative pieces of sensual woman, in vibrant shades of intense colors. He has an interesting, meditative message. The colors are rich and deep, with strong, bold contrasts of vibrant Fauve colors. Figures are simply posed but of accurate and precise anatomical structure and with an austere charm.

The curve of a moving human body, flow effortlessly and naturally, connect to the creative flow, radiate so much energy and life and are a source of joy and inspiration to the viewer. The whole composition is a new expressive contemporary art.

The message is the sensuality of women and is inspiration for this series of paintings. Sensuality is a combination of the female body, nature and specific behaviors that make a woman seem to be intriguing and appealing, the feminine delicacy and subtlety also lies strength, serenity and exaltation.

It is a beautifully composed painting: soft and hard at the same time, full of contradictions. Guio is a technical master and his paintings of women, to make the viewer explore both sides of the personality. Though the figures appear physically alike, each portrayal is still diferent from lounging figures to dreamlike depictions of floating busts, the subjects’ expressions and body language.

His paintings can be found in private collections all over the world. He has exhibited in Vienna Austria, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Spain and the USA.
Is a founding member of the WORLD ORGANIZATION OF INTEGRATED ARTISTS (OMAI Cultural Diffusion to date, which is made up of 24 countries of the world).


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