Patricia Esguerra

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Art in the digital age.

Colombian -based creative artist through any digital forms and using a new media technology raises semiotical issues.

Patricia captures the development of media relating the digital age — resulting in computer-generated embrace of media arts, as well as its openness and curiosity for the technological innovation, as part of the real — in which the “digital revolution” has been overcome, simulated in “future shock” messages.

Patricia´s “From shadow to light” new monochromatic scale series, adds a sense of timelessness and class to a piece of art. With no distraction of color, a black-and-white artwork showcases raw emotion. The message of a subject can immediately capture attention and continue to hold it well after one leaves the scope. The exploration and experimentation presents her character designs as cutouts on a white background with a message to explore the connection between man, fantastic styles and excellent use of forms, lines, and shadings, finding corner in the digital world. Capturing the attention of millennials, who are extremely digital-oriented now a days.

Digital art can be a first step as a collector.

Patricia Esguerra. Today, her works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Australia, U.S.A and Latin America.

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