Pilar Granados

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Bogota-born artist, graduated from the former District School of Fine Arts. Founding member of the League of Latin American artists with whom Colombia promotes hemispherical exchanges.

Pilar abstract landscapes, evoke land and place in a deeply personal way. More than ‘nature studies’ or simple abstractions of landscape, her paintings are reflections on the passage of time, the kaleidoscopic nature of memory; the transience of life. Colors fuse into a visual senses and reverence for the seasons, all merge in a colorful invitation to the viewer to pause, ponder and linger in the visual ‘journey’ described within each painting. The message is to invite us to enjoy more of those moments of silence and quietness when listening to sounds of nature, space in an original and unique way developing super imaginative worlds that you can get very lost in. and magically wrangling that vision into a singular way of image making. Pilar´s paintings make sense and are constructed logically and intentionally.

Founding member of the OMAI in Argentina, mention declaring her as illustrious citizen who visits the country and for the exhibition in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Miami with the Museum of the Americas. Honorable Mention in 1996 at the Cultural Day COLOMBIAN ARTIST, Exhibits in Austria, Colombia, Germany, Mexico and Peru.


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