Valeria Montaña

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Painting, ceramic and glass installation”

Valeria´s painting corresponds to tarot card themes that influence our life and soul’s journey to enlightenment. Their meanings are deep, complex, and represent the structure of human unconsciousness. Her message is trying to get what is neurologically lost or confused within an artful manner.

The Portuguese influence on her work is extremely strong, Valeria ´s surreal painting and ceramic combinations are illusions with intent. Her art is surreal to the point of mysteriously becoming hyper-realistic that explores the relationship between natural thought, and the phenomenon of ephemerality that surrounds this connection. Valeria exposes the beauty and drama that results from the above mentioned transient relationship that often touches our emotions differently forcing us to question how our own moment-specific perception of our mind placing us somewhere in the beauty-drama continuum.

Her monochromatic paintings capturing her interest in the constantly shifting thought. The work looks different every time, and every time it’s useful, It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order.

Valeria is a contemporary artist, she studied Arts at the National University of Colombia and Glass Art and Science at Universidad Nova at Lisboa. The Becky Winship scholarship of Glass Art Society in Murano, Italy.

Valeria has exhibited extensively in Bogotá including MAMBO, Italy and Portugal.


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