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Delicate monochrome animal depiction 

Veronica´s art is avant-garde, flows naturally with the new ideas that arise. The message is what happens to the world when we alter and destroy the natural environment and raise awareness about the fragility of nature in the hands of humans. A series osseous where the naturalness of animal bodies and the complexity of their constitution as living beings are exposed making these images visualizations and structured forms of beings that convince.

The polar bear, being an icon of strength, independence, and survival to that of fragility, vulnerability, and more generally of a global environmental crisis.

Her multiple studies allow her to be experienced in different disciplines such as drawing, acrylic, and oil painting. Her ability to portrait different aspects of life, multiple themes, and a variety of techniques, have allowed her to work in different collaborations with brands.

Verónica Villarreal Sada is a Mexican artist, born in Monterrey, Nuevo León in 1989. At her young age, she is now considered an influencer in the art world. She earned her degree in Studio Arts from San Diego State University, studied art in Escola Massana in Barcelona, and recently earned her degree in Art Psychology from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). 

Veronica has shown her work worldwide in Art Basel and Art New York.

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