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frida painting yiya herrera
                                                                                                    Frida pop – 2019 Acrylic on canvas, 80x80cms.

Yiya´s painting is influenced by several diverse styles, ranging from pop art to expressionism, she chose as her main subject, famous people of the twentieth century, portraits of famous men and women that she reworks on color. In her imagery and repertoire of celebrities from the 20th century. She wants to break the stereotypes that people can have about these personalities. Yiya´s faces are treated with melancholy and poetry, dissimulated behind raw color and text fragments. Her pieces are undeniably contemporary.

The sense of place and the emotions associated through the artist’s chromatic brushwork -a world of colors suggestive of sadness and loss-, the prevailing blues, greens, yellows, and reds, colors that she had long favored, have a basis in the reality, expressed through visual arts, particularly the contemporary images. The paintings also suggest a life that celebrates cultures throughout the world. The message is appealing, communicative and at the same time, emptied of any political content only concerning the production of meaning in principle.

Pop art is creating new opportunities in the art world today. It is like emotions: our daily life is a diverse mix of different feelings: love, joy, desire, sadness, and others. All of them try to catch them and then expressed through colors and harmoniously balanced shapes. Cultural manager of “CASA MUSEO NEGRET & MIAMP” in Popayan Colombia. Today, her work can be found in private collections throughout Colombia.


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