Ricardo Cárdenas

Ricardo Cárdenas. Amazonian deforestation.

Ricardo’ body of work plays with geometrical patterns and more lightweight ethereal shapes allowing the viewer to draw parallels to the poetry present in nature such as the ever-changing flow of clouds, the sophistication of a bird nest, or expansive mangroves and wetlands.

Cardenas’ intricate sculptures seduce by their presence and volume, building connections between organic forms, materials, color and content. A visual dynamic invites the viewer to stop and investigate the elements that compose a message.

Inspired by Ricardo´s trip to Hay Festival Cartagena last year, where the climate crisis and Amazonian deforestation were centre stage, his work seeks to awaken public consciousness about how we can reverse the harmful effects on nature caused by human action. He also refers to a contemporary understanding of art and the planet, as his sculptures explicitly pay homage to nature, as an inspiration to all human constructions competing with it for space.

Ricardo Cardenas was born in 1966 in Medellin, Colombia. He graduated in Civil Engineering and Fine Arts, causing his abstract sculptural work to reflect a deep knowledge of materials and engineering processes.

Yellow Nest

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