Roberto Angulo

Roberto Angulo is the best Colombian watercolorist. Contemporary realism with a new style related to the context of Latin American art with a watercolor technique deals almost flat, is a renovating concept. Aquazul theme, fragmentation with subtle distortions, while the measured Blue, almost monochromatic, and its poetic intonation complements harmonically. The management of light, transparency and reflections of the water offers in front of nature, leading the observer to a calm placidity.
For more than thirty years. Roberto has exhibited in Colombia. His handling of watercolor, has been awarded recognition at the National Watercolor Salon in 1981 and 1983. His work is part of the collection of the Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Marta. With more than 170 exhibitions in various countries such as France, Cuba, Mexico, the United States, Venezuela, England, Spain, Belgium and Colombia.

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