Rolando Peña

A Matter of Perspective

Born in Venezuela, Rolando Peña, contributed to the definition of contemporary Latin-American art in the 1960s and the 1970s, his work, associated with conceptualism, has turned towards a critique of consumer society and especially on oil exploitation.
An artist who practices various art media, Peña also made creative use of photomaton photography early in his career. He was lucky enough to live in New York in one of the fold times in the history of humanity, the profound change that those years brought to art is indelible.
Rolando work is features in several museums such as: Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, National Art Gallery, Arturo Michelena Museum, Museum of Prints and Design Carlos Cruz-Diez and Celarg Foundation.
He has exhibited internationally and received different awards. in Madrid, New York, Caracas, Venezuela, Paris, France, Italy, Spain, Miami, Puebla, México, Germany, Puerto Rico, USA, Yugoslavia

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