Solimán Lopez

Solimán Lopez, conceptual technological art.

Celeste” embodies the idea of the digital unification of different skies in different locations around the world. Through a beacon equipped with the necessary material to capture the image of the sky in real time, the system extracts the colors obtained and combines them in a new digital interfaced message. During the night in any of the locations, the system goes into «sleep» mode, accessing a database of images of ideal skies mixed with color alterations. The interaction with latamart has to do with the post- modern cultural living.

In 2020 the work is updated with a new, more precise interface.
The work has documented the skies of Paris, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, London, Cali, Bogota and Medellin.

Langpath or File Genesis or more recent works in which virtual and analog worlds are connected through photogrammetry as in High Meshes, are examples of Solimán´s interest in human presence and its impact in this era of communication and digitalization and in the media revolution.

Founder of  Harddiskmuseum and Innovation director at  ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología).. Solimán, born in Burgos, Spain. Contemporary artists Technically, his works are achieved thanks to the combination of 3D techniques, electronics, software programming, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and digital synchronization.

Celeste Soliman Lopez

Capture the real time of the skies Madrid Bogota

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