The beautiful thing about urban graffiti art

RISO – Daniel Russi Castañeda

Graffiti is a distinct art form with its unique styles and cultural, medium to message, environment, bringing people together, communicating in an original way. Color, theory, perspective, different plastic techniques that involves the modulation of time takes creative decisions in that dimension.

Daniel “RISO” was commissioned to produce in downtown Medellin at   the jewelry store “London” and the results are nothing short of fantastic. The portrait of a woman face, of great color, in realism style and made by freehand with sprays and special nozzles made in two nights because the jewelry works during the day. It is the result of mastering the technique, proportion and anatomy for years; in his message people see the impact an artistic work has on the street and feel the favorable change for all those who pass through the sector. Changing an erroneous image about graffiti.

Colombian visual artist, illustrator, graffiti writer and graphic designer, Riso

carried out his training process at the University Foundation Los Libertadores in Bogotá, Colombia and the First School of Multimedia Art Da Vinci in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Urban graphic design in Bogota and other projects.

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