The Smithsonian Is Opening the First Permanent Latino Art Gallery In 2021

The Smithsonian Institution is one of the most known museums and research centers celebrating numerous American achievements. Started in 1997, the Smithsonian Latino Center has never had a physical location. will open its first gallery focused on the U.S. Latino experience, in the National Museum of American History.

The new gallery space will explore Latino identities and include bilingual exhibits exploring the history and contributions of American Latinos. The first exhibit will be called “Making Home: Latino Stories of Community and Belonging,” This will mark the first time a permanent gallery space will be offered at the National Museum of American History highlighting the Latino community.

The gallery will have a distance-learning component where people can learn about Latino history from anywhere through podcasts, mobile broadcast, and a Smithsonian Latino Center app. These are all efforts by the Smithsonian to increase its Latino representation.

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