Latin American Art Triennial

Cultural and intellectual growth in the American continent. Lehman College Art Gallery and The New York Latin American Art Triennial present its 2022 edition celebrating the incredible range of works presented by local, national and international artists with latin american backgrounds, together under the theme and title “Abya Yala: Structural Origins”. NYLAAT 2022, presenting 20 artists from more than a dozen countries. This project explores the inevitable repercussion that past generations have on the aesthetic, cultural and social values present in contemporary art. Structural Origins, will take place during the months of September to December of the current year. Among others colombian artist...

Critical and Poetic Digital Art

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Media artist working at the intersection of architecture and performance art. He creates platforms for public participation using technologies such as robotic lights, digital fountains, computerized surveillance, media walls. Border Tuner (2019), a large-scale, participatory installation connecting the cities of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua through bridges of light and sound, Three interactive stations on each side of the border will control powerful searchlight beams using a small dial wheel. When lights from any two stations are directed at each other, microphones and speakers automatically switch-on to allow participants to talk with one another, creating cross-border conversations. ​While a diverse...

Garden Inspiration and Dreams

Lorenza Panero Lorenza’s garden exhibit utilizes photography and spatial sequencing to create a fully immersive experience in the Little House. The exhibits’ focal point is “Luminous River”, a floor piece made with tempered glass sides supported with steel peg, illuminated from below, guiding visitors on a journey through garden. Her message is to send a whole emotional experience to the viewer. Lorenza’s principal medium is light differentiating what is real and imaginary. She used the luminography technique in a dark room in which images are captured on paper by diffracting and interrupting the flow of light from an enlarger, they...

Ever-exploratory artistic approach through glass in contemporary sculpture

Angela Castro a prominent woman of the 21st century is strong, structured with different nuances and well positioned. She stands alone and is capable of representing women by this glass work which has an empowering posture, each of her colors shines with its own light. Angela exposes light through glass and her color messages through silica, combined with oxides, metals, carbon and other elements. She captures within an aesthetic and molecular language a cosmic memory that feels through space-time. Now exhibiting at Controveria Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia

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