About Us

Mission: At Latam Art, our mission is to elevate the appreciation and understanding of modern and contemporary Latin American art. We achieve this by showcasing an extensive collection, representing countries throughout the region, curating groundbreaking exhibitions, and providing engaging educational programs. As a unique voice in the field, we give visibility and recognition to Latin American artists at all stages of their careers. In addition, we are committed to being alert and responsive to the current issues facing Latin American art and society.

Vision: Our vision is to be a global leader in promoting and celebrating Latin American art. Through our collection, exhibitions, and educational programs, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of Latin America’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. In addition, we strive to create a platform that empowers Latin American artists to share their perspectives and to foster cross-cultural dialogue and exchange. Ultimately, we envision a world where Latin American art is celebrated and valued as an integral part of the global artistic canon.

Our Curator

Trudy Pizano is a highly skilled curator with extensive experience in the art world. With her background in art history, art administration, and marketing, Trudy brings a unique perspective to the curation of exhibitions and the management of art collections. In addition, her passion for Latin American art and culture has led her to become an expert in the field, and she is constantly seeking out new and exciting talent from around the region.

Trudy’s areas of research and interest are focused on exploring the connections between Latin American art and contemporary culture. She is particularly interested in artists whose work reflects the region’s rich cultural heritage and has significant social and cultural value.

Trudy is also an accomplished artist herself, working mainly in oils. Her paintings explore themes related to how humans have shaped the world around us, and she draws inspiration from both traditional and contemporary sources.

In addition to her work as a curator and artist, Trudy is currently involved in an ambitious restoration project called “Colonial Reawakening.” The project involves the complete restoration of an 18th-century Spanish colonial house, which will serve as a showcase for Latin American art and culture. Trudy’s expertise in art history and her deep understanding of Latin American culture make her an ideal candidate to manage this project and bring it to fruition.

Our Team

Arturo Leyva

Consultant Adviser

Carol Segura


Jessica Luna

Visual Designer

Claudia Estrada

Social & Community Management

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