Digital and analog media to explore the aesthetics with unique style that combines city landscapes and a fascination with urban architecture, using digital technology instantly-recognizable imagery is characterized by an arresting minimalism in which unexpected shapes, a lustrous color scheme, light lend a unique visual vibrancy.

Alejandro Drexler is the creator of ArtInf. Influencing Ar, a celebration of life and happiness, the most vibrant digital artwork.  He uses digital media to capture every day’s life through a magical lens. From marvelous color palettes, to stunning line work, there’s always something to learn from the community. His Chicago inspired series create so much of the life feel that you’ll get it spreading all over your heart and body wherever you are. A very personal reflection on the urban appearance of megapolis — every digital painting is a perfect balance between futurist color, and very precise, verified geometry that soothes the eye. He creates quirky and warm minimalistic drawings of everyday things and people. Alejandro draws inspiration from observing people and the interactions around him using digital technology.

Alejandro also works as a senior economist in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.