Warm Glass Wonder

Ángela Castro Fénix is a Colombian artist who works with glass as her primary medium, exploring its unique aesthetic properties of reflectiveness and transparency to create sculptures that engage with themes of cosmology and interconnectedness. She uses silica and other elements at high temperatures to develop raw organic glass, which she then manipulates to create forms that evoke a new world. Her series “Life in Electra” is a testament to her innovative approach to sculpture, where she creates imaginary worlds rich in symbolism and language. Through her works, she explores how life in the cosmos is possible in many ways and how we are all interconnected. What sets her work apart is her ability to create space inside the sculpture, making it visible and solid and using it to create new forms and shapes that challenge traditional notions of sculpture. Currently, she is exhibiting at the Controversia Gallery in Bogotá, where her unique glass sculptures continue to captivate and inspire.