‘Transparent Women’ challenge the social structures, from softness and compassion, celebrating diversity and simultaneous singularity, pretends to remember that true beauty lies in authenticity and honesty with oneself.

This is a visual journey, with explosions of colors and depth and the beauty of transparency below color.

Angela Castro’s emotional and transparent watercolor paintings seem to disappear into a spectrum of colors with the essence of the femininity in its many facets: strength in vulnerability, beauty in imperfection and wisdom in stillness. Each color reveals layers of complexity and depth worthy of the feminine universe.

The creative process the subjects unfold in a continual play between control and letting go. They appear, in a precise or vaporous way and manifest reminiscences of senses and observations. Through flow are revealed perceptions and emotions.
Her art takes poetical paths with a purpose of a timeless dimension, is a versatile artist, as watercolor, and glass sculptures equally important to express her art, feelings, and thoughts.

Contact: 57 313 8111307 — vitrafenixart@hotmail.com — @angelacastrofenix