Beatriz Consuelo de Muriel is a dynamic and visionary photographic artist known for her unique ability to capture marvelous moments during her global travels. Her work goes beyond traditional photography, bringing a sense of motion and dynamism to a two-dimensional medium. With careful consideration of angle, frame, and light, Beatriz creates extraordinary images. Each photograph is a transformative exploration of reality, resulting in a collection of unique and meaningful artworks.

In her piece “Metamorphosis,” Beatriz presents a vibrant composition in which intense, contrasting colors playfully interact. The focal point is a flower that commands the viewer’s attention with predominantly red, orange, and purple-blue hues. The contrast between the warm tones of the flower and the cool shades of the background creates a visually striking effect.

Photographic Style: Beatriz’s photos feature focused lighting to enhance colors and details, creating a vibrant atmosphere with an interplay of light and shadow.

Photography Techniques: Beatriz uses long exposure and motion effects to add a sense of movement, especially around the flower. The black background emphasizes the flower’s colors and the dimensions of the blue object.

Elements and Details: The bird of paradise flower is the main focus, standing out with its vivid colors and unique shape. A blue cylinder-like object adds depth to the composition.

Context and Style: Beatriz’s photography exhibits an abstract and creative style, showcasing the beauty and dynamism of natural elements. Her work suits art galleries, photography publications, and decorative pieces well.

Beatriz attended the New York Institute of Photography to enhance her skills and create stunning pieces like “Metamorphosis,” “Unrepeatable,” “Transformations,” and “Disperses.” Here’s an explanation of some of her artwork:

“Unrepeatable” and “Transformations”: These artworks experiment with complementary colors of the bird of paradise using a glass object to create fading effects through a few seconds of exposure, altering reality.

Warp: This piece distorts the bird of paradise using the Suming technique and a wide-angle lens.

Disperses: Features a leaf with colors and upward movement.

Senselessness: Captures a violet plant during the blue hour, with car light reflections producing vibrant colors.

Beatriz Consuelo de Muriel’s photography invites viewers into a world where reality and imagination blend, offering a captivating visual journey through her extraordinary lens.