Carl Abrahams a jamaican painter. He began his career as a cartoonist for various local periodicals. In 1937, he went to the ‘official’ classes at the Institute of Jamaica. He virtually taught himself to paint through self-study courses and manuals. His sardonic humor cartoons the most important in his work that drawn from numerous stylistic sources, from renaissance painting to cubism. His “last supper” is the best. Some of his finest work consists of ironic transformations of the great mythological themes of the past and intensely personal fantasies based on contemporary events.  He was also one of the few painters to treat successfully historical Jamaican landing of Columbus, and a series depicting the riotous living of 17th-century buccaneers. His Destruction of Port Royal (1970) is a dramatic portrayal. The murals successfully combine many of his thematic interests with a jamaican life and history.