“Homages” Interventions of famous paintings.

Daniel Borda recreates famous paintings in a very realistic way with a surreal touch incorporating a planned assortment of other symbols to shape and emphasize details to interact with them. Started his last series: “Homages” in a thematic event on the work “Las Meninas” by Don Diego Velázquez.

Daniel has a collection of such interventions carefully made on canvases by Picasso, Warhol, Rayo, Magritte, Matisse among others. Thus bringing together two main stylistic phases, imagining new or alternative realities.

He incites the viewer to question his own thought process. The work is unique

in that it maintains a realistic quality. In Daniel’s paintings applying surrealism and distorting reality to the actual physical appearance of familiar objects, intertwining reality and fantasy we are pushed into a different domain of artistic philosophy. Reality is almost a “sub-reality” as we have discovered from the paintings within surrealist art. The object within the piece becomes the clue to examine the painting as a subject, not as a physical incarnation but as a conceptual message.

Daniel Borda was born in Bogota, Colombia. He began exhibiting in 1974, and since then has held sixteen solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Colombia and abroad in Spain, Thailand, USA, Panama, China, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Contact: Website: www.danielborda.net E-mail: borda55@hotmail.com Instagram.com/borda.pintor/

+57 315 896 7557