Among the trees

Borda’s work appears to be realistic in style with touches of simplified stylization. The tree is represented with a level of detail that suggests an intention to represent reality, but with a particular aesthetic approach, possibly with the intention of highlighting certain visual aspects like shape and color. Furthermore, the work places clear emphasis on symmetry and balance. The monochrome background and the use of yellow and other gradations create an enveloping atmosphere and perhaps suggest a sunset or a golden sky. The choice to present the painting in the shape of a diamond or rhombus adds an element of originality to the assembly of the work of art.

Daniel’s “Albert tree” leaf greens on a background saturated with mathematical formulas, symbolizing the transmission and exchange of the advances and development of science and interdisciplinary collaboration between the different fields of human knowledge.”
Borda’s has exhibited in Colombia, Spain, Thailand, the United States, Panama, China, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

Contact: — Cel 57 315 8967557