Elmar (Rene)Rojas mainly worked in watercolors and oils in a style at once vigorous and very delicate, with a fine sense of color, touching on important contemporary events in Guatemala. 

Guatemalan painter Elmar Rojas (1937-2018) graduated as an architect from Universidad de San Carlos. Active primarily as a painter, in the mid-1960s, together with artists Augusto Quiroa and Roberto Cabrera, founded Group Vertebra, which was of great importance for the art scene in Guatemala.

Awards: Mesoamerican Biennial de Panamá (1983); Great Iberoamerican Award “Cristóbal Colón” (1984). “Camilo Mori” Art Biennial IX, Valparaíso, Chile (1989). In the late 1980s, Rojas was commissioned by the Organization of American States-OAS to paint a mural in Washington, D.C. Since 1995, Guest Artist at Sotheby’s and Christie´s.