Argentinian sculptor and Kinetic artist. He was born in Košice, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), as Fernando Fallik and moved to Argentina with his parents when he was four. He studied at the Academia Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires but considers himself largely self-taught. He is regarded as one of the founders of Constructivism in Argentina and his work often uses modern industrial materials; he was one of the first artists anywhere to incorporate neon tubing in a work. His best-known works are his Hydrosculptures, which use jets or sheets of water. In 1965 he made a proposal for ‘hydro-kinetic cities’, a form of ‘town-planning for space’ which would take advantage of the lack of gravity to build cities supported by water vapour. In 1988 he was commissioned to make a sculpture for the Seoul Olympic Games and in 2000 he created a Monument to Democracy in Buenos Aires.