Flowing through life

Jorge Ortiz’s work in contemporary style is somewhat abstract with elements of impressionism. It features bold, expressive brush strokes and a vibrant interplay of colors that create a sense of movement and depth. Abstraction manifests itself in the less defined shapes and somewhat ethereal quality that convey the essence and fluidity of the jellyfish.

Ortiz’s exhibitions have been held in Poland, the United States, Colombia.


“Between the calmest waters, among the most turbulent, with the depth of life, under the complexity of time, from the shadow of the deep to the infinite light of love, we flow like jellyfish.” Jorge Ortiz.

“This work speaks of flowing through life building relationships that are forever…. despite how deep or how dark the space where we find ourselves is and with the absolute certainty of love as a flag. Flow “

Contact: +1 (786) 760 7842 – jortiztinoco@gmail.com