Distortion of Reality by Jorge Ortiz Tinoco

Jorge Tinoco’s work as an artist and architect is focused on bringing attention to commonly ignored perceptions within the human experience. His artwork is marked by a good duality that captures the use of color, line, and space to evoke emotions that transcend traditional conceptualization and presentation.

As a conceptual artist, Tinoco’s work is driven by the need to explore the artistic experience and theoretical components, often making the need for physical objects relatively unimportant. In his work, smoke is a recurring theme that attracts the attention of those who appreciate the world’s mysteries. Tinoco incorporates the wisps of smoke into his artwork in various ways, creating a sense of nature mixed with the destructive forces that persist behind the veil of reality.

Through his work, Tinoco seeks to show that art is all about ideas, and the artist is inseparable from these ideas. He aims to provide a conceptual and aesthetic challenge that connects the viewer to his work. His message is ultimately one of questioning predetermined social conditions and revealing the truths often hidden behind smoke screens.

Tinoco’s exhibitions have been held in Poland, the United States, and Colombia, indicating his global recognition as an artist. Overall, his work as an artist and architect combines conceptual thinking with a focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of the human experience, creating thought-provoking artwork that challenges traditional notions of art and invites the viewer to think deeper about the world around them.

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