Luminous painting

Lillian Espinosa’s paintings are not only a celebration of the exuberance of colors found in the Caribbean but also a representation of its cultural and historical roots. She portrays the Caribbean’s topography, flora, and fauna with a contemporary figurative style that integrates elements of symbolism and dreamlike quality. Her work reflects the rhythms of nature, including the beauty of flowers, foliage, and light, as well as the human figure’s participation in this visual feast.

In her paintings, color is critical in creating an atmosphere and evoking emotions. It’s not merely a physical element but a tool for memory, as she blends together a harmonious palette that reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean.

Lillian’s work is distinguished by her unique style, which sets her apart from many other contemporary figurative artists. She has studied private lessons in Bogota, China, and Kaduna, Africa, and has been extensively exhibited in Colombia and Stockholm. Her paintings capture the essence of the Caribbean, its culture, and history and reflect her passion for this region and its people.