Inspiring Essence of Children

Lorena Rosas is a contemporary artist whose work explores femininity and the relationships between women and nature. Her work is characterized by a delicate and dreamlike quality, with soft and airy brushstrokes that create a sense of childlike wonder and playfulness. In addition, she uses a light and whimsical color palette, enhancing her work’s ethereal quality.

Her paintings often depict organic compositions, blending abstract and figurative elements to create a sense of deconstruction. Through her use of allegorical imagery, she aims to explore the connections between the past and the present and to reflect on the tensions between humanity and nature.

In her work, Lorena also seeks to celebrate the lives of anonymous women whose stories are often lost to history. These women are represented through symbolic elements in her paintings, and their presence serves as a reminder of the diverse and complex ways in which women have lived and continue to live.

Lorena’s work is a unique and personal exploration of femininity, nature, and the human experience. It has earned her recognition and acclaim in her native Colombia and internationally.