“Pieces of light” Inspired by Water

Lucía Dälél creates the quiet tranquility of water and nature through light and atmosphere in her paintings in the fascinating world of watercolor landscapes. “Pieces of light’’ offers images which, not only celebrate nature but its lavish landscapesbeaches, moments in time, and the deep blue atmosphere of the coast.

The use of color, the transparency and the lightness of the tones capture the shifts of light occurring in nature allowing Lucia to use the stain as their body and thus explore their depths as a message permitting the viewer’s distinct sense of freedom and expression.

Lucia as contemporary artist decided to devote her practice to the mastering of a special technique: broad layers of pale color have been washed  to create an ethereal translucency impossible to imagine in dense, clarity and strong structural rhythm which allows some kind of abstraction of the depiction.

Lucia born in Colombia and based in Brazil, has exhibited her work in Colombia, Chile, Italy, Germany, USA, Ireland, Spain and Brazil.

Pie de foto “Pieces of light” – watercolor A3 -2020

Contact : 55 11 95551-3500