Color Bubble Art

The living bubbles shaking the spaces in the body that contain the color, obtains vivid bubbles in chromatic duos of 100% natural media, and it is through this artistically creates, and the need for a second hand from the Brazilian photographer Gabriela Drewes so that with a high-speed shot she can capture the bubbles before they fade away. The artist has chosen to impregnate the memory of this time using the printing technique of art registered in Metalacrylate to give the highest quality to the medium tones of the colors that determine the work. Lucia is certified in Color System Care registered with the Art and Science International Academy of Color Technologies. “ Perhaps it is time for us to leave artistic objects and experiences conquer their place in the world by the force of their own presence, just like the entire matter of the natural world. “- by Eliane Pinheiro da Silva, PhD student in Arts. Visuals from USP and member of the Art and Photography Studies group.

The Colombian-Italian artist Lucia’s work has been exhibited in numerous countries, including Colombia, Chile, Italy, Germany, the United States, Ireland, Spain, and Brazil.

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