ExpressiveFine Art Portraits.

María Esther paints original portraits on abstract background using oil and acrylic paints. Intended popular appeal and engagement with popular culture. Downplaying the artist’s hand subverting the idea of originality and preciousness—in marked contrasting to the highly expressive. María Esther’s uses a realistic representation of the human figure in an attempt to bring reality of dreams and spirituality, creating a world of visual poetry and revealing the symbolic and the mystical, seeks to stir personal memories and spark new narratives also passionate about color.Artist of visionary themes, Maria Esther was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she lived and worked. Although part self-taught, she has had some formal instruction in visual arts, figurative art combined with patterns and expressionistic abstracts, she follows a classical tradition of drawing and uses a realistic representation of the human figure in an attempt to bring reality closer to the realm of dreams and spirituality, creating visual poetry.María Esther’s work has a big following on Instagram and YouTube where she demonstrates her abilities. She frequently blends the realism of the portrait with the abstract elements of the background. Sense of independence and strength through main characters and the abstraction surrounding them is designed to create a type of free, boundless atmosphere.María Esther graduated as a lawyer and international business administrator and completed MBA at IE Business School Madrid- Spain.She  also, has her own firm, Mercado&Panesso Abogados. Her work is in Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Australia, USA, Peru, Ecuador. Cartagena and Medellin. Contact:Instagram: @mariae_mercadoCelular: 3133900829Hotmail: