“Dualities of the soul”

“The Fire that protects me” shows two figures with their backs to each other with facial features and hair stylized in a manner reminiscent of pop art, particularly in the use of clean lines and clear shapes. However, the figures are wrapped in what appears to be zebra-striped cloth, creating an intriguing and surreal visual that blends the figures with the pattern, challenging the viewer’s perception of reality and form. Furthermore, the intense red background contributes to the intense and graphic quality typical of pop art.

Duality becomes a guiding thread, where similarity and difference coexist, revealing a femininity that melds strength with delicacy. Additionally, they wear prominent gold-painted necklaces and bracelets, symbolizing the wealth of gold in Colombia.

María Esther’s works combines elements of surrealism and pop art through the juxtaposition of illogical or unexpected elements in dreamlike scenarios.  Often employs realistic details to create fantastical images

María Panesso has gained a large following on social media, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, where she demonstrates her abilities. Her work can be found in collections in various countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Australia, the United States, Peru, and Ecuador, as well as in galleries in Cartagena and Medellin.

Contact: maría.panesso@hotmail.com
Cel: 313 3900829