“Along The Way”

Maria Teresa Hernandez’s work is characterized by dreamlike and enigmatic paintings that convey a message of romantic dramas and events that inhabit the time of our lives. Her work combines abstract and contemporary qualities, providing a field for viewers to project their personal narratives and emotions. In addition, her work’s imperfect geometries and incredible palette produce a soothing effect on the viewer.

Her oil paintings are composed of subtle and interacting arrangements of color, applied with meticulous attention to the physical qualities of paint. Her use of transparencies that do not hide the background results in a combination of different messages that reveal shapes and inscriptions with phrases such as “I can’t,” “I’m tired,” and “if well thinking survives this, it is an unconditional master.”

Hernandez’s work contains strong messages that remain highly relevant today. She has received an honorable mention at the London Biennale, where 40 countries participated, exhibiting in Italy, the United States, and Holland. Her approach to art is unique, and her captivating paintings continue to capture the attention of viewers worldwide.

Contact: Cel. 57 310 3092036