Mateo López is a Colombian artist whose work often involves storytelling and personal narratives and blurring the boundaries between the creation and presentation of art. One exciting aspect of López’s work is his use of dioramas, such as in “Sleeping Box” (2007), to convey his stories. This medium allows him to create miniature scenes that viewers can peer into as if looking through a window into another world. In addition, the use of everyday objects like a shoebox also adds to the relatability of the artwork.

López’s inclusion of a performative element in his work, such as in “Inside and in Between” (2006) and “Motorcycle Diaries” (2007), adds another layer of interaction between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer. By setting up a working studio inside a gallery or outfitting his Vespa with a portable studio, López brings the art-making process into the public sphere and invites the viewer to participate in his journey.

Mateo López’s work is characterized by a sense of personal connection and a desire to share his experiences with others while challenging traditional notions of what art is and how it can be presented.