Honduran artist who received international recognition for his paintings. Becerra Alvarado graduated with honors from the National School of Fine Studies at the Academy of Art in Rome.  He defined himself as a neo- figurative artist, which is not far from reality; the protagonist of his work is the man and his chores. He moved to Milan, Italy, where he founded an art gallery to promote Latin American painting and worked on the faculty at the Constance Institute and the Modigliani Academy; he obtained the Marconi Award (1987), one of the most important in the arts in Italy. In 2000 he received the Honduran National Art Award and donated part of his work to the Museum of Honduran Art. Becerra never abandons Honduran themes, especially those referring to the work of men, women, and even children. He passed away in 2018 in Milan, Italy, leaving behind a remarkable artistic legacy.