The exhibition takes us to the journey of the Guatavita Lake, the site of the legend of el Dorado, Colombia, It was the religious capital of the ancient Muisca Indians chief would arrive, covered with dust, on a wooden raft, with four of his priests and the treasures collected in his to come closer to their Gods.

Patricia´s abstract compositions involving gestural applications of water gilded landscape composition as evocation through color and formats. Her work emphasizes the colors, media, and symbolic, in gold leaf and acrylic glow with shining light, creating deep space in l composition landscape. The tension between beauty alongside the intricate relationship between history and place, the use of gold leaf and acrylic create a symbolic resonance. Her message as descriptive element in a surreal poetic invention that absorbs intensity in a lucid and lyrical sense of vision. The players lose all their natural connotation to become feelings, imagination and memory

Patricia has earned an international reputation establishing her sculpture and painting inmate qualities. Today, her works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Australia , U.S.A and Latin America. Colombian Consulate in Miami.

Website: http://patriciaesguerraarte.com/