Patricia Esguerra is a Colombian artist known for her abstract compositions that combine landscape and gestural applications of gold leaf and acrylic paint. Her works are inspired by the Guatavita Lake, the site of the legend of El Dorado, which was once the religious capital of the ancient Muisca Indians in Colombia.

Patricia’s art uses pigments, media, and symbolism to create evocative landscapes that glow with a shining light and deep space. Her use of gold leaf and acrylic paint forms a symbolic resonance that explores the intricate relationship between history, place, and beauty. Through her works, she creates a surreal poetic invention that absorbs intensity in a lucid and lyrical vision, transforming the natural into feelings, imagination, and memory.

Patricia’s art has gained international recognition, and her works are in private collections throughout Europe, Australia, the United States, and Latin America. In addition, she has exhibited at the Colombian Consulate in Miami and has established her innate qualities in sculpture and painting. Her exhibition takes the viewers through the legendary Guatavita Lake, exploring the tension between beauty and the intricate relationship between history and place through her unique abstract compositions.

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