Geometric Force

Veronica´s message is how it emotionally and intellectually engages the viewer. Veronica has developed a personal visual vocabulary fundamentally based on symbolism and metaphor. Her constant search for various organic forms allows her a varied production that is at the same time valuable due to the importance of the topics she deals with. Her sculptures are attractive for their high aesthetic level and technical handling.

Veronica uses simple geometric forms to create scale works, making very straight and flat artistic compositions; shapes, disfigured, with folds, to give volume and movement, It leans, tilts, and twists, gives it both a human aspect and a spiritual side, using color to give her ideas live. By limiting her palette to only one color in these works, she emphasizes the way she has shaped the material, allowing the viewer’s eyes to explore where she cut and bent the aluminum. By using steel sheets, a cold material, she gets to create harmonic forms with movement and volume, simulating forms of nature such as flowers and their great variety of colors and shapes. 

Veronica, Colombian born, studied art in Scuola Lorenzo Di Medici in Florencia, Italy. Her work has been influenced by great Colombian masters such as Edgar Negret, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, and Richard Serra.

She has extensively exhibited in Italy and Colombia.

(+57 1) 311 2362349