Geometric Force

Verónica Matiz is a Colombian artist who creates sculptures that emotionally and intellectually engage the viewer. Her work is based on symbolism and metaphor, and she has developed a personal visual vocabulary to express her ideas. Matiz uses simple geometric forms to create large-scale works with both a human and spiritual side. She plays with shapes, disfigured with folds, to give volume and movement to her sculptures. Her pieces are attractive for their high aesthetic level and technical handling.

Matiz also uses color to give life to her ideas, often limiting her palette to only one color to emphasize how she has shaped the material. She creates harmonic forms with movement and volume, simulating forms of nature such as flowers and their great variety of colors and shapes. Matiz’s sculptures are made of steel sheets, a cold material, yet she manages to imbue them with warmth and organic qualities.

Matiz studied art at Scuola Lorenzo Di Medici in Florence, Italy, where she was influenced by great Colombian masters such as Edgar Negret, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, and Richard Serra. Her sculptures have been extensively exhibited in Italy and Colombia, showcasing her unique artistic style and ability to convey complex concepts through simple forms.