Ariel Wilner at Munar Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ariel.Wilner.ART  Neoténia – Artificial Intelligence Series” Infobae Culture -2023  Munar Arte Foto: “Neotenia – Serie Clásica (AMARILLA) “Neotenia – Serie Inteligencia artificial

Ariel Wilner,“Neoténia” is a multimedia contemporary art exhibition of molecules created with artificial intelligence technologies, which explore the border between the possible, the real and the science fiction of the subcellular and molecular world. Neoténia is a process studied by evolutionary biology which an adult population retains characteristics of the juvenile state.

Ariel, a biologist with a Ph. D. in molecular genetics, found in digital tools the way to create visual and audiovisual artistic interpretations of the biological world especially at the molecular level that the happiness algorithm seeks. Ariel has exhibited in different media such as analog galleries (The Brick Lane Gallery, London) or digital environments (BIT 2020 International Science, Art and Technology Biennale).