Adriana Cuéllar’s latest exhibition, “Entrecuerpos,” is set to open at Mmaison Galería in Bogotá. This stunning collection delves into the realms of sexuality and eroticism and the myriad of expressions, sensations, and desires that lie in between. Cuéllar masterfully invites viewers to engage with the erotic—an intimate, indefinable space characterized by its intensely personal nature. Through her adept use of drawing and painting, techniques she honed in her youth, Cuéllar creates works that pulsate with energy and vigor.

Adriana Cuéllar is a multifaceted artist whose creations forge a profound connection between art and life. Beyond her artistic endeavors, she is a dedicated teacher and healer, utilizing art as a medium for exploration and expression. Her diverse work addresses themes such as desire, femininity, the sacred, and memory, employing various materials and techniques, including sculpture, sound, drawing, and installation.

A graduate of the prestigious Universidad de los Andes, Cuéllar has established herself as a prominent figure in the art world in Colombia and internationally. Her current exhibition showcases medium—and large-format pieces where gesture takes center stage, evoking primal, dynamic, and spontaneous movements. This exhibition reaffirms her status as a leading contemporary artist.

Cuéllar has been featured in significant events such as the 40th National Salon of Artists in Bogotá, various Regional Salons, and the 1st International Biennial of Ushuaia in Argentina. Her notable solo exhibitions include “The Embrace of the Wind” (2024), “Bear/Entre el Oro y Agua” (2023), and “En tu silencio habita el mío” (2019).

“Entrecuerpos” will be open to the public at Mmaison Galería from May 30 until July 6. This exhibition is a must-see for those interested in the intersection of art and sensuality. It showcases Cuéllar’s ability to capture and communicate the complex essence of human intimacy and desire.

Photo: Adriana Cuéllar ”Entrecuerpos” – Acrylic on paper 77×56 cmts-

Adriana Cuellar
Cel: 3144718895