In partnership with Capitalizarte International Foundation, Geba Art Gallery proudly presents “Uroboro,” a captivating solo exhibition by renowned Colombian artist Ana Consuelo Suarez. This exhibition delves into the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth, intertwining the pressing issue of climate change with the transformative power of art. Suarez’s visionary work profoundly explores our wounded world, inspiring action and redefining the artist’s role.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is “Reborn 7,” a piece that blends Impressionist and Abstract Impressionist styles. Known for capturing light and emotion, Suarez uses small, thin brush strokes to create a vibrant interplay of colors and forms. The result is a dynamic and engaging composition that draws viewers into a deeper contemplation of the climate crisis.

Impressionism is characterized by its emphasis on light and ordinary subjects, while Abstract Impressionism takes these techniques further by evoking emotions through more abstract forms. Suarez’s bright, contrasting colors imbue her work with energy and dynamism, creating a balanced composition despite the apparent randomness. Her art stands out for its unique approach to texture and complexity, transforming each piece into a living, breathing entity.

A Global Artistic Journey. Ana Consuelo Suarez’s work has been celebrated in her native Colombia and gained international acclaim. Her exhibitions span the globe, including shows in Poland, Cuba, Mexico, the United States, and Buenos Aires. Each piece she creates serves as a shield of protection, embodying a commitment to the organic, a spiritual movement, and a relationship with inheritance.

An Invitation to Reflect and Act “Uroboro” is more than just an art exhibition; it is a call to action. Through her art, Suarez challenges us to rethink our relationship with the environment and our responsibilities towards it. The intricate interplay between art, science, and the human psyche in her work encourages us to engage deeply with the pressing issue of climate change.

PIE DE FOTO Ana  Consuelo Suarez  “Reborn series 7”- Mixed media on canva37 x 51 cms