Lyrical Abstract Art

Lyrical Abstraction: to message something personal, subjective and emotive, and to do it in a poetic, abstract way. Gestural pieces adopting intense and contrasting tones. Lyricism as an artist comes from a great personal inner liberation. However, Miguel signature colors were ostensibly warmer tones –in oil so to achieve more richly saturated colors. Inspiration will surface on its own working.

Archetypal tropical landscape constitute the muse of his art above all. Above all the essence of freedom, harmonious painting always appears. The mastery of oil, the composition technique, choice of color and light and the right touch, in combination make an harmonious outcome.
Mighel Diaz Granados, sculptor and painter and photographer, graduated from the Escuela de Bellas Artes, Cartagena, Colombia. Has exhibited widely in Colombia, United States and France.