Combining Art History’s Present and Past.

Juliana Plexxo.

Since 2017, the Fisher Center has been awarding Woman of the Year, Project of the Year, and CEO of the Year. For many years The Berkeley World Business Analytics Awards celebrate impactful, ethical, and humane analytic work by recognizing women in applied business analytics, projects impacting social and environmental fields, and the innovative work of young professionals.

Juliana Plexxo is the first artist in the world to be nominated for the prizes awarded this year through three of her works of art in engraving, which were made at Joan Barbara’s, known for being the workshop of Salvador Dalí and Picasso, among others. Her work rescues the ancient technique of engraving, mixed with technology through augmented reality.

The theme of the UC Berkeley Awards revolves around keys to inclusive and sustainable analysis. How to promote inclusion and sustainability with actions that have a direct and immediate impact in this case

Juliana is a Colombian artist, who was nominated by the Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytic-based marketing, integrating principles, strategic concepts, computer-based models, and metrics, in the ‘ Young Talent of the Year” category. The Ceremony will take place on October 24. Juliana is the first Latin American under 30 to be nominated in this category.