Known Landscapes, Distant Places.

2022 Oil on canvas 40×40 Sold as a part of the series or triptych. Juliana Ríos at Amalgama – London Gallery.

Juliana Ríos Colombian artist whose paintings result from a three-month residency in La Guajira, Colombia. The creative, conceptual work is very rich linked to academic concerns such as memory and the sense of landscape. After rebuilding her grandmother’s house she moved to Villanueva. Her work is a testimony of daily existence and her neighbor’s experiences from very intuitive and honest observations. In her paintings, the viewer can watch how life changes in this small town and how it slows down and turned back time.

Juliana winner at the Sitka Art Fine Arts and has exhibited in Colombia, Canada, Spain and Bulgaria. Winner at the Sitka Art Fine Arts residency in Alaska.