Colombia opens one of the best cultural centers in Latin America

The National Center for the Arts is located in Bogotá.

The National Center for the Arts is the new space dedicated to culture development in Colombia. The Colombian Ministry of Culture announced the opening of the National Center for the Arts, an imposing architectural work with three halls and nearly 17,000 square meters o space in Bogotá.

This work, located in the heart of Bogotá, whose historic center is National Cultural Heritage Site. Investing over 130 billion pesos, the Centro Nacional de las Artes-Teatro Colón consists of three halls, equipped with the best technology for the staging of symphony, theater and cultural projects of international stature. The Center will receive some 50,000 spectators each year, and benefit more than 1,500 artists given its modular design as a traditional concert venue, as well as performing arts complex with brand dance studios, rehearsal rooms and soundproof “Black Box” built 30 meters in the ground for alternative projects.