A Tribute To Geometry

“Duality”-  iron and electrostatic painting -1.40X1.40cmts

Hernando Malagon A Tribute To Geometry

Deeply fascinated with the concept of construction, Hernando Malagon composes abstract sculptures like an architect, assembling and fitting together a multitude of simple forms. The line becomes a path, properties, such as symmetry, asymmetry, rhythm, composition, space, movement, limits, dimensions all pieces are assembled works in metal.

The geometric construction is composed of broken lines through which the fullness and emptiness of space is alternated. Finding inspiration in the verticality, horizontality and the interplay between solid and space, Hernando tends to favor clean geometric shapes, developing his art around a notion of balance. “Duality” is a three-dimensional iron wound platen wall sculpture that adheres to laws geometry.

The series “ the eternal return” playing on the lines and the shapes, rectangular or square, giving depth to the compositions. The negatives borne out closed shapes (trapezium, rectangle) are conceived by the artist like windows giving perspective to the composition.
Hernando Malagon architect from the National University of Bogotá. Colombian sculptor. Now exhibiting at Grau House Museum, Bogotá, Colombia.